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About Us

About Us

Dog breeders know a great dog begins with excellent bloodlines. MaxGenetics offers dog breeders expert advice, hands on support and access to the latest techniques being applied to producing dogs of excellence.

If you are serious about advancing your colony, you need a breeding program with a scientific approach. MaxGenetics offers specialist advice and will design a program for you – getting your breeding plans on track and producing results much sooner than conventional methods.

We are about maximising the potential of your dogs, through careful selection and education.

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How Do We Do This

Max Genetics is led by the only qualified Geneticist working in Animal Reproduction and Colony Management in Australia, and in fact, the Southern Hemisphere, Lauren Elgie.

Lauren will consult with you to integrate modern breeding concepts into your colony. With experience in managing specialised dog colonies large and small, Lauren can offer you a unique advisory and support service.

Under Lauren’s management, your breeding program will grow and flourish – producing dogs of excellence from any walk – service, domestic or performance.

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Service Dogs

We specialise in producing Guide Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Seeing Eye Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Customs Dogs, Police Dogs, Military Dogs, as well as dogs for Border Patrol and Corrective Services work.

Each breeding program has unique requirements. MaxGenetics will work with you to enhance your program, and identify areas for growth.

Don’t leave it to chance

Breeding service dogs for guiding or personal support is both challenging and rewarding. Dogs are required to complete complex tasks, without distraction, in a range of environments.

MaxGenetics can do the research to obtain, and then reproduce service dogs with the qualities and characteristics they need to excel at their job.

It’s a fact that we can select for certain traits specific to service dogs. We will help you tap into proven bloodlines from around the world - to improve your success rate.

A breeding program is where success begins. Without pedigree research, experienced selection of breeding animals and expert direction, a breeding program will struggle to deliver the type of dogs you need.

Trainers of service dogs are becoming more aware that science, quality selection and specialist advice is the key to producing dogs that are up to the task.

Demands for increased production, efficient breeding programs, socialising and training programs; and affordable systems that produce a high success rate, are increasing.

That’s why MaxGenetics is here - To support your program and your team.

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